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Fraudulent Debt Collection Colorado US

Saturday, December 07, 2013 - Posted by Philip Harvey

The Colorado Attorney General has commenced proceedings against United Credit Recovery (UCR), GTF Services and Standley & Assocaites.Debt Collection around the world

The claim alleges that the debt collection firms sought to pass off fraudulent bank documents in attempting to collect outstanding debts, engaging in misleading and deceptive conduct to the detriment of consumers.

Allegedly the in the scheme;

  • UCR purchased debts from banks
  • they would use the information provided in the purchase to create fake affidavits, verifying and describing debts owed by consumers
  • UCR would then orchestrate a debt-for-sale scheme, reselling the debts to third parties at a profit (GTF Services)
  • The 3rd party agencies who subsequently purchased the debts would use the fake affidavits in court proceedings (Standley & Associates were the law firm, there were apparently more than 300 legal proceedings)
  • Consumers would then make payments.

 This type of debt collection activity in Australia would also almost certainly be pursued very aggressively by our local authorities.

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