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ABA Announces New Banking Code of Practice

Friday, April 27, 2018 - Posted by Michael McCulloch

The Australian Banking Association ("ABA") has recently announced the retail banks wishing to become members will now be required to sign up for the new Banking Code of Practice ("The Code").

The Code, which is currently awaiting approval by ASIC will be binding, enforceable by law and will be monitored by an independent body. The Code, which was originally introduced in 1993, requires retail banks to provide plain English contracts, stop unsolicited offers to raise credit limits, give customers the ability to end credit cards online and inform customers about service fees before they are incurred.

Regulating the Code will be the responsibility of the Banking Code of Compliance Committee ("BCCC") which will have the power to investigate breaches and apply sanctions. The move comes as the financial services industry tries to regain customer trust with the Financial Services Institute of Australasia ("FINSIA") calling for an industry-wide code to restore professionalism among its members as a way of winning back customer trust.

The ABA is looking to implement The Code within 12 months of approval being received from ASIC.

Source: Financial Standard - March 2018

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