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Armidale Regional Council to Auction Properties

Wednesday, May 30, 2018 - Posted by Michael McCulloch

In our March 2018 edition we reported that Bundaberg Regional Council were auctioning several properties for outstanding rates. It appears that this trend is set to continue with Armidale Regional Council following in their footsteps.

The Armidale Express is reporting that council is set to auction 59 homes after owners have failed to pay their rates. Council is reporting that the 59 properties, which include vacant parcels of land, are valued at $748,300 which is roughly a quarter of the $2.455 million owing as at the end of June 2017. Outstanding rates vary with amounts owing to council between $2,391 to $75,811.

Chief Executive, Chris Rose, said in a statement to the media, "It is unfortunate council has to take this path. However, if council did not act to recoup the outstanding amounts, it would be unfair on ratepayers who pay their rates in full and on time. Property owners are advised to contact council if they are falling behind in paying rates. We can work out an agreeable payment plan or, in some cases, they can apply for hardship rate relief. Plus, rates can also be paid on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis via direct debit, rather than waiting until the quarterly bill."

All NSW councils are bound by the NSW Local Government Act that gives councils the power to sell occupied properties where rates have not been paid in more than 5 years and vacant land where the overdue rates exceed the current land valuation provided by the Valuer General.

The properties are set for auction at Armidale Town Hall on Friday, 14 September.

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