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Centrelink Payments and Debt Collection

Thursday, July 14, 2011 - Posted by Philip Harvey

There are rules surrounding Centrelink payments and paying back debt. You can only take funds from someones savings account in very limited circumstances of where a debtor overdraws a Savings Account. You cannot take funds to pay a Loan Account, only an overdrawn savings account.

Further to this, where a debtor has overdrawn a Savings account you are limited to how much you can take from the Debtor from future Centrelink Payments. This is limited to 10% of the Centrelink payment, with the debtor retaining 90% of the funds. 

There are limited instances where Centrelink Payments are not protected. These include;
  • fraudulent transactions
  • dishonest transactions
  • all other unlawful transactions, conduct or activity

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