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Changes to the NSW Courts - Introduction of True Electronic Lodgement

Thursday, April 01, 2010 - Posted by Michael McCulloch

Instant Lodgement: Documents lodged in front of your eyes

Fast Processing: Documents processed as quickly as 2 hours by the court! (average approx 24 hours)

Online: No more need to attend the court, saving you & your team hours!

Electronic Tracking: Track the progress of your matter through the JusticeLink portal

If you need to enforce your debts quickly and effectively, you need JusticeLink eServices.

Don't have the time or money to develop the required systems?

If you need electronic lodgement of your court documents but don't have the time or money to develop the required systems, contact LCollect on the above number, or read here for information on how LCollect can help you.

From the 3rd of May 2010 the NSW Court system will introduce its new truly electronic system called JusticeLink. For all new proceedings in the Local Court, LCollect will be able to lodge SLC's, Judgments and Writs Electronically with a 48 hour turn around time. This will significantly reduce processing times for these items. Other Court Actions such as Garnishees and Exams will be released later in 2010 (no definitive time frame has been received).

LCollect has been at the forefront of testing these new eServices with the Justice Link eServices team.

There are a number of transitional issues that are likely to have an impact on processing times in the Local Court system. These include;

There are a large number (the majority) of providers who are not ready for eServices and will not be able to lodge online. Once the old system has been abandoned, these providers will have to lodge there documents manually (which means printing out every SLC, Judgment etc and lodging it in person with the Local Court). Any person leaving 5 documents or more per day will have there documents processed in a batch at a later point by the registry. 

New plaint numbers for all matters (new and existing matters will the local court). This means that to continue enforcement proceedings we will need to obtain a new Plaint Number from the Local Court (previously we had this on file). We have been advised that the Court will not advise anyone over the phone or email of new Plaint Numbers, and we will have to attend the Local Registry in person to obtain the new Plaint number to continue enforcement action. 

Given the above two points, we are envisaging processing times for non-elodgement items will increase significantly across all Local Courts, with the new system putting more strain on the Local Courts at the Launch of this new system. Once more providers switch to the new system and more electronic lodgment actions are made available, waiting times will reduce significantly.

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