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Debt Collection and Exam Hearings in New South Wales

Thursday, September 11, 2014 - Posted by Philip Harvey

An Examination of a debtor at the Local Court can provide an excellent insight into the most effective way in which to collect your outstanding debt.

From our recent experience some Courts are not allowing for an extension of time if the Exam Order has not been served within 14 days of the hearing. This is certainly not all Local Courts however it is frustrating when it does occur. When this does occur a further application for the Examination Order is required to be filed with the Court along with additional filing fees.

We recommend that to avoid this problem that you ensure you are aware of your debtors location before requesting an Exam Order. In addition to this, where it is reasonable and practical to do so, Collection Law Partners is requesting Examination dates 2 weeks later than normal to allow the agent more time to serve the documents.

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