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Debtor causes more damage than owing

Wednesday, May 25, 2011 - Posted by Philip Harvey

A car dealer who was owed $14,000 by a debtor on a Ford Falcon spotted the vehicle in the Ugly Duck restaurant car park, in New Plymouth, New Zealand. The car dealer immediately phoned his repossession agent and the police. 

When the debtor returned to his car, he found the car park entrance blocked off by the car dealer who was demanding the car back. The debtor entered the vehicle and locked himself inside. 

A repo agent then arrived and used his vehicle to also block part of the car park entrance. 

The debtor then proceeded to drive the Falcon at full speed into both cars causing significant damage to both cars and a Jaguar which was parked in close proximity.

The repair bill for all vehicles involved has been estimated at $35,000.

The debtor was arrested and will face charges

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