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Debtor crashes crane into field agents car

Monday, May 19, 2014 - Posted by Philip Harvey

In Spain, a debt collector working for "El Cobrador del Frac", a collection agency where the collectors wear top hats and tails to highlight a company or individual is in debt by their very presence, got more than he bargained for in a recent field call.


The collector was attending a job and had parked his vehicle at the door of a property owned by the debtor. Suddenly a mobile crane was driven into the side of his vehicle, smashing the vehicle and trapping the debt collector against the house.


The car was badly damaged and the collector was taken to hospital and was described as being in a serious condition.


The driver of the crane, allegedly the debtor, was later arrested by police.


Putting the particulars this dangerous incident aside for one moment, it would be interesting to see how the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner would react to such an agency being run in Australia. We would envisage that his would most definitely breach privacy laws by disclosing the existence of a debt to parties who are not party to a debt, such as neighbours, co-workers in the case of attendance at the place of employment etc.

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