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Debtor drives through fence to avoid repossession

Thursday, September 15, 2011 - Posted by Philip Harvey

A tow truck driver in Middletown US was attempting a Repossession when the debtor attempted to avoid repossession. The debtor drove the car into a chain link fence because in the belief that  it could not be repossessed if it was on private property. The passenger jumped onto the car bonnet to cut through the fence with a knife so it could be driven onto their property.

The debtor phoned the police advising a tow truck driver was attempting to take their car. The police responded to the call attending the scene. The debtor then explained to the police that a payment had not been made on the vehicle in months. The police spoke with the tow truck driver and determined he had the right to take the car.

The police tried to move the debtor away from the car so it could be repossessed. The debtors passenger then tried to assist the debtor. One police officer who was trying to restrain the passenger was bitten on the hand by the passenger. At this point the father of the debtor and passenger came out of the house and charged the police (according to the police).

A police K-9 (dog) became involved and somehow bit two of the police officers, who then had to be treated for puncture wounds and bite marks.

The father, the debtor and the passenger were all arrested for interfering with police. The debtors passenger who bit police was also charged with breaching the peace and an assaulting an officer.

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