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Debtor Reports Bike as Stolen to Avoid Repo

Friday, September 25, 2015 - Posted by Philip Harvey

In Ipswich, QLD, a debtor was convicted of fraud for falsely reporting his motorbike as stolen to police.

The debtor had purchased the motorbike using finance and did not meet the payments under the Credit Contract. With the loan in arrears the debtor took the motorbike to a friend's place, and requested his friend store it, informing the friend they believed the bike would be stolen from his place. The debtor retained the keys and requested no one be allowed ride the bike.

After reporting the bike as stolen, police investigations located the bike at the friends shed. At a subsequent interview with police, the debtor did not change his story and denied all knowledge of the bikes whereabouts, instead fabricating a story that one of his son's friends must have moved the bike.

When these events proved false, the debtor was arrested, pleaded guilty and eventually made arrangements to repay the debt.

Source: The Queensland Times

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