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eFiling in the Supreme Court for Possession of Land

Saturday, January 01, 2011 - Posted by Philip Harvey

LCollect is the first organisation to file a Statement of Claim for Land through the NSW Attorney Generals Dept new JusticeLink system. 

Under the manual paper lodgment system previously used, it would typically take between 4-8 weeks to receive a Statement of Claim back from the Supreme Court. Under the new JusticeLink system, we know receive a Court stamped & bar-coded SLC for Land within 15 minutes of lodging it online. This significant improvement in speed can help reduce losses on loans where shortfalls exist & provides a superior service with the best technology to our Clients.

We are pleased to be able to provide this to all our clients as a value added service.

The process will be further improved when applying for Judgment, and we anticipate this will save a further 6-8 weeks. We will advise of this once we have successfully completed a Judgment application through the JusticeLink system.

If you are not using LCollect for your mortgage repossessions but would like to use an organisation that uses Justice e-filing service & the benefits associated with it, please call us now.

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