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experian aiding debt recovery compliance in the US

Friday, January 22, 2016 - Posted by Philip Harvey

In the US, Experian have released a new innovative product to aid the compliance to the US Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Although specific to the US, it is a good example of where data matching can aid compliance.

The product takes batches of telephone numbers provided from the creditor or debt collector to match against over 4,500 phone providers in Real Time. This confirms the ownership of the number, connectivity of the number, the carrier and activation date.

This is particularly relevant in the US and the laws around using automated diallers. In the US, you can only use an automated dialler with the consumers consent (this includes SMS services from the web). Should a phone number provided in the past by a debtor (with consent to be automatically dialled) be reassigned to a new person, the new persons consent is required for any further calls.

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