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Hells Angel member charged with unlawful debt collection

Thursday, September 01, 2011 - Posted by Philip Harvey

In New Zealand, a Hells Angel member charged with unlawful debt collection has been granted bail. The Hells Angel member was one of three Hells Angels members arrested for allegedly using a document titles "warrant to repossess" to repossess a Toyota Hilux ute and Dingo Digger from an undercover police officer. The police officer was undercover as a person who had multiple debts and was struggling to make payments.

Police had opposed bail because of the Hells Angels member seniority within the group and were concerned that the Hells Angel member would interfere with witnesses or prevent others from coming forward and he would continue working as debt collector. The Judge declined this request on the basis that the witnesses knew who they were dealing with at the time and there was no evidence to suggest that witnesses would be intimidated.

The Hells Angel member was ordered to not have any association with the debt collection businesses he was dealing with and to stay at his residence until the next court appearance.

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