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license plate recognition cameras assisting repossession agents

Friday, February 15, 2013 - Posted by Philip Harvey

There are now over 550 recovery firms in the US that are using license plate recognition cameras / technology that alert agents to vehicles that need to be repossessed. Many of these firms have cameras in every vehicle that there agents use. The technology provides real time alerts to repossession agents when in their vehicles.

Repossession agents find cars requiring repossession in parking lots and sometimes cars that they find driving on the road.

Up to 50 million license plates are captured each month into the database, with the database itself having more than 700 million data points. A repossession agent can use the database to see the previous geographical locations of a license plate.

Privacy concerns have been addressed by only having the License plate details available on the database, no other information is available. Privacy advocates are not supportive of the technology and believe that technology has outpaced the legislation that regulates it.

|The cameras and supporting technology costs between US $10,000 - $20,000 per camera and are the same technology is used by police and FBI.

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