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Mortgage repossessions in Spain Locksmiths and fire fighters refuse to evict home owners

Monday, April 08, 2013 - Posted by Philip Harvey

The default rate on rents and mortgage payments has been high in Spain, with unemployment over 26 percent. This has resulted in a large increase in evictions and repossessions. The social fallout of this has been enormous, with several suicides after evictions and repossessions have taken place.

Subsequently the Locksmiths Union will no longer carry out banks instructions to evict people from their homes.

The Spanish government then requested fire fighters to break open doors of those refusing to be evicted. Some fire fighters have been unwilling to perform this task.

In one instance, fire fighters in Coruna (Northern Spain) were requested to evict and 85 year old woman who had defaulted on her rent. Protesters gathered outside the apartment block to stop the eviction, with some fire fighters joining the protesters. This then led fire fighters in some regions to follow the Locksmiths Union lead and not perform the tasks. They have advised the banks their services are to aid people in emergencies, and it is contradictory to help banks who are putting peoples lives in danger by evicting them.

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