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National Consumer Fraud Week 2014

Friday, June 20, 2014 - Posted by Michael McCulloch

While doing some recent research for our most recent articles and having discussions with our clients we came across several websites where you can enter your customers / members details to submit them for debt collection purposes.

These sites are not marked with the https prefix and you could be jeopardising your customers / members details by entering personal identifiable information in an unsecured environment. While the likelihood of this is minimal there is still a risk. We urge you to make sure that when you enter this type of information online that the site is secure and look for not only the https prefix but also the padlock symbol. We urge you to discuss any of your concerns regarding the input of identifiable information on websites with your current provider.

At LCollect both our client online access and online forms are secured by this technology to ensure maximum security at all times.

With that in mind we would also like to remind everyone that it is National Consumer Fraud Week. With the ever changing nature of technology it goes without saying that we must all be very wary of not only the information that we provide online but also the level of access that we provide to our social media sites.

You can read more by clicking the graphic below.

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