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Payment in Full Obtained on a Long-Term Skip Account

Thursday, September 24, 2015 - Posted by Philip Harvey

In this case study we review a debt where payment was obtained on behalf of a client in full where the location of the debtor was not known.

We received this account for collection on behalf of a client in 2011 with the last payment received on the account in 2010. Our client had obtained Judgment prior to referral and following an unsuccessful Examination our clients last action was a field call that confirmed the debtor had recently moved out of their parents address and had not left any forwarding address.

Upon referral Title searches were performed showing the debtor did not own property.

Numerous skip tracing searches were performed which failed to locate the debtor. Whilst numerous leads were obtained, they did not result in any contact. The debtor had a very unique name, and therefore proved to be a frustrating account for the lack of traction that was being generated with the leads that were being obtained on the unique name.

Skip location efforts persisted from 2011 to 2015 until finally a new lead was acquired where it was discovered that the debtor had likely purchased property not that long ago. No contact numbers could be located at the new address and correspondence to the address went unanswered.

With Judgment already in place we issued a Garnishee Order for Debts to the Mortgagee and the account was paid in full including all interest and costs. This was an excellent result for our client. To date the debtor had not contacted our office to dispute the debt.

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