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Smartphone Application available to debtors

Monday, January 16, 2012 - Posted by Philip Harvey

A smartphone application, PrivacyStar allows a phone owner in the US to add any phone number to a Privacy List which then stops any future calls and SMS messages from that number.

It also contains a reverse search feature allowing the phone owner to see the caller's name, and then giving the option of adding the caller to the contacts or adding the caller to the blocked privacy list.

It is being used by consumers in the US as a way to stop telemarketing calls and debt collection phone calls.

The application even allows phone owners to report possible debt collection violations (such as harassment) at the press of the button. Over 2011, 250,000 complaints were lodged through the application which are received adding treated by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) the same as an online complaint saving the debtor the hassle of completing a complex form.

The application costs users $US3 a month.

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