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UK Underbelly Debt Collection

Wednesday, June 22, 2011 - Posted by Philip Harvey

This article presents a very long list of the DON'T's in debt collection.

We always here tales of how the underworld collects debts. In Farnbourgh, UK, the police have organised a community scheme where people who were previously involved in the drug underworld are volunteering to speak to teenagers in schools about their experiences. 

One of the people previously involved in a life a crime, John, has been sharing his experiences in collecting money owed to drug dealers - a Debt Collector in the underworld.
In discussion with John, he said;
“Basically I would go around and get money off them.” 
“If I didn’t get it, I’d kick a door in and break something or damage something – or someone.”
“You needed to send a message to get them to pay up” “I once locked someone in the boot of a car for nine hours and he didn’t even owe any money..... I was looking for his brother but I couldn’t get hold of him, so I got hold of his little brother instead.”

On one occasion an addict who owed money taunted his dealer in an SMS and needed to be sent a message. He was literally crucified with a nail gun used through both his hands pinning him to a tree. The total amount owed to the drug dealer - 15 pounds.....

In one instance a close relative of John's owed money;“I nearly killed him because he owed money,” John said. “I didn’t even think about it. When you’re on drugs you don’t think. And I had to do it otherwise I would have been filled in (beaten up).”John has since reformed. 

After spending time in and out of jail for numerous offences (drug supply, traffic offences, burglary) he spent one night in a maximum security prison. It was terrifying there were some big-arse people in there with forearms the size of my head. “It opened my eyes. I felt like I was a cockroach in a pride of lions. They could just step on me and I’d be dead.”

He met a girl who gave him an ultimatum of the drugs or her, he chose her. His past still haunts him with an employer terminating his role when finding out about his convictions.

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