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The leasing industry is wide and diverse and requires a strong understanding of the Personal Property Securities Act and when it may applies to effectively collect debts. Locating the assets under lease can prove difficult, and where leased equipment is damaged by the leasee, collecting the cost of the repairs can often prove difficult. It is vitally important to have the correct documentation and proper searches are undertaken before a lease is entered into.


Our debt collection services are customised to suit your requirements. We take the time to understand your debt collection requirements. We will fit into your collections cycle where you require assistance. For leasors that have no credit control or accounts receivable teams we can provide a fully outsourced solution. Alternatively for lessors who have a larger more complex operation with a dedicated in-house collection team, we can provide one off services upon your instruction or recover debts on a commission / contingency basis where the franchise agreement has been terminated and the relationship with the franchisee has ended.

We Can Assist You With

Debt Collection / Commission / Contingent based recoveries of bad debts.
Credit Control / Fee for Service collections; engage us for specific services you require.
Debt Purchase / Debt Sale. We can purchase your debts.
Legal Action to collect your debt through our partner law firm, Collection Law Partners Pty Ltd.
A fully outsourced accounts receivable function tailored to your needs.
Bankruptcy or Insolvency action through our partner law firm, Collection Law Partners Pty Ltd.
Locating franchise partners through our skip tracing services.
Face to face contact or demands using our field call service.
Credit Control consulting to improve your collection process and improve collections.
Issuing Default Notices.
Issuing Solicitors Letters of Demand through our partner law firm, Collection Law Partners Pty Ltd.
Recovery and Repossession of your assets.
Issue prepaid demands for one off engagements.
 Use our knowledge and experience to obtain immediate payment.
Make Telephone Demands and negotiate for payments
Perform company and title searches to assist with risk assessment at the credit acceptance stage or assets available for debt collection.

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As an Australian owned and operated business we understand the current financial climate. We work with you to obtain the best possible result in recovery of your outstanding debts. With general equipment finance accounts for 40% of Australia's equipment capital expenditure and $91.3 billion total receivables at the end of 2013 we appreciate and understand your business. We take the time to listen to your needs and recommend the debt collection product we think will suit your business not ours.

A Complex Industry

No business is the same. You might be leasing a photocopier today, a car tomorrow or a crane next week. We take the time to learn about your requirements in order to understand your needs and can tailor a solution to meet those needs. We understand the difference between a Standard Lease, Commercial Hire Purchase, Chattel Mortgages, Finance Lease and Operating Leases and the debt recovery options available in each case.

Expert Advice | Building Relationships

Having a close association with a law firm dedicated to debt recovery allows us to provide you with the very best possible legal advice when you need it. The relationships we have with many of our clients have been in existence for many years and they have come to rely on this value add service.

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