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Our Obligations

Generally we have been engaged by our client to collect the debt you owe when all attempts in which to recover the debt by them have been exhausted or it is their policy to outsource accounts for debt recovery.

Generally we contact you to:

  • Make a demand for payment
  • Make repayment arrangements
  • Find out as to why you have not maintained a repayment arrangement
  • Review a repayment arrangement after a specific period of time
  • Inspect and recover mortgaged goods (if we have the right to do so)

We will not:

  • Act in a way that is misleading or deceptive
  • Harass or force you into paying
  • Make contact at your place of employment unless asked or other communication attempts have failed
  • Reveal information about your financial position to others
  • Contact you by email, phone or letter more than 3 times per week unless agreed to by you
  • Contact you on national public holidays

You can download the Australian Securities & Investments Commission ("ASIC") Debt Collection Guidelines below:

If you feel that we have breached our obligations we urge you to complete this form to make us aware of any potential breach so we may investigate this further.

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