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ASIC MoneySmart Teaching (Update)

Saturday, December 30, 2017 - Posted by Michael McCulloch

In our April 2017 edition we released a blog post about the Australian Securities & Investments Commission ("ASIC") releasing a new public resource called ASIC MoneySmart Teaching.

The independent evaluation has now been released by ASIC which you can download from their website.

The report contains ASIC's response to the independent valuation of the program and the independent evaluation of the program. Case studies have also been provided from several participating schools with 2 notable student quotes:

"... so you don’t make mistakes when you’re older, like buy a Lamborghini before you get a house and then you don't have any money."

"You learn to read the fine print ... because [the product] could be amazing and in bright colours, but if you look at the tiny asterisk down the bottom, it says ‘this product may cause death."

You can learn more about the MoneySmart Teaching program via their website.

Source: ASIC - December 2017

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