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Car Repossession Gone Wrong

Thursday, September 28, 2017 - Posted by Michael McCulloch

In Compton, a city in the south of California, a repossession has gone dramatically wrong.

Footage posted on Facebook shows a man riding a tow truck bashing at the windows after his car was repossessed. In the video the man can be seen bashing at the window of the tow truck while the vehicle is literally dragged along the road. Footage of the original repossession has not been posted online however reports are that the incident occurred over a stretch of approximately 18 kilometres.

The Sheriff's department said in a statement to the media, "The tow truck driver noticed the owner of the vehicle riding on the back of the tow truck, holding a crow bar, and shattering the tow truck’s rear window".

While the tow truck was damaged no one has been arrested and charged.

Source: Press Telegram - Wild Video Shows Compton to Long Beach Car Repossession Gone Bad

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