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Queensland Casino Pursues $43 Million Debt

Monday, April 29, 2019 - Posted by Michael McCulloch

A Queensland based casino has allegedly commenced proceedings in the High Court in Singapore to recover an AUD$43.2 million debt according to

The Star Entertainment Group ("The Star") invited Dr Yew Choy Wong to play at their Broadbeach, QLD casino located on the Gold Coast to play as a VIP in July 2018. Dr Wong accepted the invite and it is alleged lost AUD$43.2 million over 5 days playing baccarat. It is alleged that Dr Wong supplied The Star with a blank cheque to cover any of his losses however once he left the casino the cheque was dishonoured with Mr Wong claiming that his bank would not honour the cheque due to alleged mistakes made by the dealer throughout the length of his stay.

In a letter from The Star to Dr Wong it is alleged that the casino acknowledged that mistakes had been made however claimed that these mistakes did not have a direct financial impact upon Dr Wong, however Dr Wong claims that the letter from the casino waived the debt as a result of the mistakes made.

In a statement to the media Dr Wong's solicitor said, "Dr Wong will contest the Singapore case as a matter of principle and intends to vindicate his decision to stop payment."

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