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Restricted access to the LCollect online portal

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

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Introduction As you may be aware, over the last several months we have been undertaking a review of our internal IT processes which is in accordance with the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) Prudential Standard CPS 234 (CPS 234) to develop and maintain robust and secure information security infrastructure, policies and procedures. As a result of our review, in consultation with leading Australian IT security experts, we have elected to increase the security of our online portal by restricting access to a range of IP addresses.

What's an IP address?

An IP address is a unique number which identifies your computer on the internet or a local network. Your IP address is one of 4.3 billion unique numbers!

Why the change?

The security of our online client portal is something that we take seriously. By restricting access to our portal by IP address we are ensuring that only authorised addresses have access to sign into the online client portal.

IP addresses that are not on a permitted "white list" will not be able to access our online client portal. This new measure is in addition to the existing https security in place, together with unique username, passwords and expiry dates in place.

What we need from you

Before 03/05/2021 we need from you a range of IP addresses for your organisation so access to our online service can continue. Your IT department may be best to speak with about supplying this information.

After 03/05/2021, if we do not receive an IP address from you, you will not be able to access our online client portal.


If you have any questions about this change, we urge you to speak with us on (02) 8923-1600.

Debt collection server cabinet
Changes to access to our online service are being made for better security.

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