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Solicitors Letter of Demand and Debt Collection

This debt collection service is used by clients requesting us to issue a solicitors demand. We engage our partner law firm, Collection Law Partners, to perform the legal action requested.


The engagement of a law firm in your debt collection process shows that you are serious about collecting a debt.


Some debtors will only pay an outstanding debt upon receipt of a Solicitors Letter of Demand.


You can use a solicitors letter of demand at a time of your choosing in the collections cycle. The solicitors letter of demand is also used by our debt collection team in the recovery of contingent / commission accounts.


The Benefits

Issue a Solicitors Final Demand signed by our debt collection team.
Communicate to you when the Solicitors Demand has been issued.
Communicate to you when the Solicitors Demand has expired.
Advise you of any correspondence or contact from the debtor after the Solicitors Demand has been issued.
You remain in control of the costs.
 No commission on any payments received.
 Access to our 24/7 Client Online Access, view real-time actions and correspondence.

Prepaid Solicitors Letter of Demand Option

We have a prepaid Solicitors letter of Demand available online to facilitate a faster and effective service.


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