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Our debt collection service is our most popular product with competitive commission rates, an experienced and all Australian based team.

Free up your accounts receivable resources and allow us to chase your older delinquent accounts.
"I'm very impressed with the prompt and thorough work of LCollect and very happy with the return we received. I wish we did it a lot earlier!"

JVB | Urban Dance
"They have been very efficient and the communication has been fantastic, we got one of our debts in less than a week when we have been chasing it for more than 6 months"

CT | Dental Paediatrix

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We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What process do you follow?

Each new account is reviewed by an experienced account manager and a plan decided on to maximise the recovery chances. What works for 1 account may not work for another so a unique approach is applied to each new debt.

How much do you charge?

We have different commission and costs arrangements and will discuss with you what we believe will be the best option for you.

What about commission?

You will only ever pay commission on funds that we recover. Our rates start as low as 5%

How do I get started with LCollect?

We always start with an obligation free consultation so we can understand your business and the solution that would suit you best. We will then draft the appropriate agreement, provide access to our free online portal and start the collection process.